Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is an uncureable disease which affects the respiratory tubes that carry air in and out from the lungs. In this disease the interior walls of your respiratory tubes gets swollen. This makes respiratory tubes very sensitive and they starts reacting strongly to the things which the body identifies as allergetic. During the reaction the respiratory tubes gets narrowing and thus less air gets transported through the lungs. In severe asthma attacks the respiratory tubes get much narrower and the oxygen supply to the important organs gets interrupted and may result in fatal situations.

Asthma is an uncureable disease but regular consultation of doctor is must. Below are the useful home remedy tips for asthma which helps you in controling the disease.

* Consume some turmeric powder with ghee first and then drink warm milk over it, this gives quite a relief.

* Consume two tablespoon of ginger with honey everyday.

* It is witnessed in many cases that daily consumption of carrot juice results in complete cure from the disease.

* Chew ten-fifteen pieces of clove and swallow the juice.

* Consume date with warm water, with this the cough gets reduced and removed.

* Boil two-three dry apricot in milk and consume daily, this also helps in reducing cough.

* Consume ajwain with warm water daily, this helps in smoother respiration.

* Consume paste of fifteen-twenty black pepper powder with honey, this also helps in respiration.

* Drop three-four drops of carrot juice in nose.

* Daily consume three grams juice of holy basil(tulsi) with three grams of ginger juice and one tablespoon of honey, over longer period of time this helps in complete removal of the disease.

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