Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Diabetes

In the medical world Diabetes is known as Mellitus. It s a disorder in which the body faces trouble in regulating blood sugar or glucose levels. Below are the useful diy tips which helps in maintaining body sugar levels.

* Consumption of roasted beans of sour tamarind.

* Drink juice of neem tree leaves everyday, this is the most preffered method in india.

* Make small pieces of fresh bitter gourd and dry it in open air. Grind the pieces into powder and consume ten grams of the powder in morning and evening everyday. Over a longer period of time it highly helps in getting rid of diabetes completely.

* Regular consumption of pasted garlic juice.

* Grind dry turmeric, roast the powder in ghee. Consume this paste every day and it helps in controlling sugar levels.

The tips are indian method of medicination, it is believed that kitchen is the clinic. And thus the use of herbs/vegetables are recommended as they dont have any side effects.

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