Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Jaundice

Due to excessive rise of bilirubin pigment in blood due to liver disorder, the color of skin turns and white portion of eye turns yellow and this disease is called jaundice.

Below are useful DIY tips for Jaundice.

* Drink carrot juice mixed with honey.

* Eat bananas with honey.

* Eat jaggery with ginger juice mixed.

* Create a mixture of white onion paste, jaggery and turmeric powder and consume it twice a day.

* Consumption of 1 part of turmeric powder with every four part of curd is also beneficiary.

* Eating Sugarcane is also very useful.

* Consume lemon slices with little sodium bicarbonate every morning.

* Hot juice of carrot helps in gaining energy and increases blood.

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  1. Thanks for giving out the simple home remedies for Jaundice which is easy to go through to procure the better improvement from this problem in a natural way.