Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthy Ways to Eat Fruits

The benefits of fruit would be more optimal if we know how to eat them well, apart from maximizing the portion of 10 servings each day. Some other things also need to be considered, from how to eat to how to wash it.

Eat immediately, blend, fresh juice, or bottled?
Make a habit of eating the fruit directly to chew to take advantage of the fiber. It is rather difficult for the elderly or children. If the condition is not possible, choose the second way, which is blended (not juiced). Because the fruit juice from the fruit consumed only water, not fiber.

However, for variety and ease to meet intake 10 servings of fruit each day, the juice can be a combination of eating the fruit which is also recommended. While bottled juice, better choose the original fruit juice packaging. Choose a package with pickling juices which meet nutritional standards. Food technology research to find a safe preservation with UHT, with heating in temperatures of more than 150 degrees Celsius, but the process is only 1-2 seconds. Damage to fruit substance remains there, but very little.

Eat fruit with skin or seeds
High in fiber and vitamins come from all parts of the fruit. So, eat apples and pears with the skin. Or, chewable grape seeds also contain vitamin E because of his height. Many supplements are derived from grape seed extract as antioxidant good, and so with a watermelon. Eat a piece of watermelon with a white crust on the bottom of the fruit. This skin is useful as an addition to fruit passion for opening the flow of blood.

Choose fresh fruit
Benefits will be greater fruit if eaten immediately after picking from the tree. The longer stored after harvest, vitamins from the fruit began to decrease. If you buy in supermarkets, you should ask how long the fruit on display. That way, you can assess the freshness of the fruit.

Eating fruit anytime
There is no rule when to eat fruit. Eat fruits whether before, after, or while eating. Human digestive considered a genius, because when eating, the stomach will digest the food intake, including fruit. Instead of fruit into the food good bacteria the body needs.

Washing the fruit with warm water flush
We recommend that you wash the fruit with water it and not soaked. However, make sure the water to wash the fruit is warm and not hot water dispenser. Water temperature is 70 degrees Celsius cooler. To wash the fruit should the water temperature 50 degrees Celsius so that vitamins are not destroyed by heat.

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