Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yoghurt for the Fresh of Your Breath

Yoghurt for the Fresh of Your BreathDo not like yogurt because it tastes sour? It’s good to learn to consume yogurt every day from now on. Not just good for your digestive system, but yogurt can also reduce bad breath and also prevent tooth decay. For those of you who like yogurt, this must be good news for you. But if not like, it helps you learn to consume them from the outset. Yoghurt was not only good for the intestines and digestive only, but also for the health of your mouth.

By consuming yogurt can reduce bad breath, prevent tooth decay, and also prevents inflammation of the gums. Japanese researchers found as many as 80% of the volunteers in this study has a hydrogen sulphide with a fairly low level after eating yogurt for six weeks. Hydrogen sulphide is the main cause of bad breath. Plaque on the teeth can also cause an unpleasant smell and certainly damage the teeth. Contained live bacteria in yogurt can erode the plaque on the teeth gradually.

Maintaining good oral health impact was also for heart health. “If your gums bleed, do not be allowed because it will be prone to heart disease,” explained Mr. Yoshihiro Shimazaki one of the researchers in Japan. Bacteria exist in the mouth can enter through wounds in the gums and carried blood flow to the heart. So the risk of heart disease is greater. Therefore, it is advisable to eat yogurt every day. Both liquid and solid yoghurt to oral health and your heart awake properly!

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