Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Acidity

The stomach produces acid which is very important for digestion. This acid helps in digestion of food by dissolving it. Due to over production of digestive acids by stomach the burning sensation is felt and is known as Acidity. This usually happens due to consumption of spicy foods or alcoholic products. Below are some useful home remedy tips for getting relief from acidity.

* Add sugar to juice of white onions and consume daily, this helps in decreasing acid level of stomach.

* Sprinkle black pepper powder and sugar over pieces of pineapple and consume daily.

* Consume chopped white onions mixed it with sugar and curd.

* Create paste of one tablespoon juice of gooseberry and mix it with 10 grams of black grapes and half tablespoon of honey and consume it daily, in the long term it helps in getting complete relief from acidity.

* Make juice of lemon water with sugar and consume it one hour before lunch daily.

* Consume leaves of tulsi(holy basil) with curd or butter milk.

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