Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Stone Disease (Pathri)

Introduction :

Its a condition in which stones are formed in the path of urine due to presence of chemicals in urine. These stones are usually formed of calcium, phosphate etc and are usually formed in the path of urine from kidney to ureter or bladder. These stones creates blockage in way of urine and thus raises pain. This disease is common in adults and rarerly found in children.

Remedies :

* Add some salt to lemon juice and consume it in standing position, by this the stones present are pushed forward and may get removed through urine.

* Add some salt to butter milk and consume it in standing position upto 21 days contineusly, this also removes stones thorugh urine.

* Consumption of cocounut water with lemon juice in the early morning is also very helpful.

* Consume bitter gourd juice (karela juice) with butter milk regularly, this also helps in getting complete relief from the disease.

* Boil black grapes and consume it, by this the stone gets disolved and gets removed through urine.

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