Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Weakness

In the fast growing world and busy life most of us never get time to have some rest. Overload of work, insufficient diet, insufficient sleep and other things are major cause of body weakness. If care not taken by proper time then this may turn into serious condition. Below are the useful home remedy tips for weakness which you can follow without spending extra dime or time of your busy life.

* Consumption of carrot juice is must in this condition, carrot juice provides lots of energy and necessasry minerals to your body.

* Make habit of eating 2-3 banana’s after every meal. Banana’s are believed of having lots or iron which is very helpful to the body.

* Add one tablespoon of honey to one cup of milk and consume everyday before sleep.

* Boil apricot in milk and consume it daily with milk, consumption of apricot is very good for production of blood.

* Roast white onion in pure ghee and consume it daily, it is very good for weakness and lungs.

* Also lemon juice and sweet orange(mosambi) juice is very good for body and weakness.

* Consumption of sprouted green chana provides lots of energy to the body. It is believed that consumption of sprouted cereals and pulses provides lot of energy and resistance power than any other modern day medicine and thus its consumption is recommended in routine life.

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