Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infection by bacteria which grows in those parts of body where oxygen and blood is available appropriate quantity. Which is the reason why such infection is found in Lungs. There are two type of Tuberculosis, Latent Tuberculosis and Active Tuberculosis. In Latent Tuberculosis the bacterias are present in the body but are well under control of body’s immune system and can turn in to Active Tuberculosis any time. In latent tuberculosis the person cannot spread disease thorugh breathe. Where as Active Tuberculosis means that the person is already infected and can spread this disease to others through breathe. Below are the useful home remedy tips for control and prevention of Tuberculosis.

* Fry eight to ten pieces of garlic until it turns pinkish and consume it daily. Garic is the best natural antiviral medicine.

* Patient of tuberculosis should consume milk of goat, butter milk, butter and ghee.

* Patient should wake up in early mornly and should inhale fresh air which directly benefits your lungs.

* Roast flour of urad dal(white lentil) and consume few spoons daily. Urad dal is very nutricious pulse.

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