Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Home Remedies for Pimples

Pimple – a very common problem in teenagers and youngsters. There are tiny holes in our skin which are connected to oil glands. These oil glands gets blocked due to dust, dirt or due to other infections and results into pimples. If not taken proper cure then it can hurt your beauty by leaving spots on your face. Below are the useful home remedy tips for pimples.

* Wash your face everytime you enter home from outdoor.

* Apply juice of white carrot leaves on pimples.

* Take beans of purple berry (jamun) and soak in water for some time, then create paste of beans and apply on pimples.

* You can also apply cold milk cream on pimples.

* By rubbing orange peel over pimples the pimple and afterspots gets removed quickly.

* Also it gets removed quickly by daily consumption of green coconut water and facewash by green coconut water.

* Facewash by buttermilk also removes pimples and afterspots. It also gives you fair skin.

* Create juice of holy basil(tulsi), lemon and ginger and apply gently on pimples, ginger juice also wokrks as antiviral and thus pimple gets removed quickly.

* Rub pieces of tomatoes over pimples and leave it for some time, when it gets dry then wash you face with warm water.

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