Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acne sensitive skin treatment

Acne or acne vulgaris as it is known in medical terminology is a very common skin disorder. You need not be frightened by the word ‘vulgaris’ as it stands for ‘common type’. Even though it is not a life threatening disorder it leaves the affected person very distressed because of its impact on overall personality. It is common among teenagers who have acne sensitive skin. In order to treat acne we must start from acne sensitive skin treatment first. The irony is it happens at an age when boys and girls want to look their best, i.e. teenage or early twenties.

Acne sensitive skin treatment is very easy if you try some homemade remedies and precautions. There have been instances when people keep suffering from acne even in thirties, though their no. is very low. It happens because of acne sensitive skin. Here are some of the most popular acne sensitive skin treatments.

* · To keep it simple and avoid going into the details of sensitive skin, we must say that keeping the skin dry is the key to maintain a flawless skin. You must make efforts to keep your skin dry. Tea tree oil which is a natural antiseptic works wonders to help you dry up your acne as well as skin. You can add a few drops of it in some water and apply it on your face. Just let it dry for a few hours then wash off.
* · Neem (Azadirachta indica) is known to be very effective in helping you maintain dry skin. As Neem is more popular in Asian countries you may not find this ingredients in the west, you must try some Neem based skin creams to treat sensitive skin. Apart from sensitive skin it is also known to have many other medicinal properties.
* · Intake of sweetened food should be reduced for some effect on sensitive skin.

Various anti acne supplements based on natural ingredients have received very good feedback from the users. These creams are not only effective in treating acne but are also good for treating sensitive skin.

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