Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acne treatment: Is yoghurt for treating acne effective?

It has been tried and tested for centuries that yoghurt for treating acne is very effective. In fact yoghurt has so many medicinal properties that not only acne but also a lot of other ailments can be treated by using it. When milk is fermented, the bacteria already present in milk converts the sugar into lactic acid. As yoghurt is full of bacteria many people believe that it may aggravate the infection instead of curing it. This is completely false.

Usually milk products are not good for oily skin therefore people believe yoghurt may not be suitable for acne prone skin. The truth is just the opposite. Yoghurt despite being a milk product is very different from milk because it is fermented. The bacteria present in yoghurt are good bacteria. As the PH level of is increased the bad bacteria are killed making the yoghurt 100% safe and beneficial for health

There are various methods to use yoghurt for treating acne. Apart from topical use its consumption is also very beneficial for acne treatment. A perfect combination of good bacteria with vital nutrients and vitamin work wonders for acne and skin in general. Following is the method to use it externally for treating acne.

* Wash your face or the affected area completely to remove the layer of dust. Preferably use warm water.
* Take yoghurt in a bowl and mix it properly and prepare an evenly mixed paste. Apply the paste evenly on your face or the affected area and leave for 10-15 minutes.
* After 15 minutes , rinse properly and dry the skin with a soft towel

This is highly effective home remedy for acne treatment. In fact it can be used even if you have no acne. Its overall effect tones the skin wonderfully giving your skin a shining effect. Just repeat the above procedure for a few days and see the difference. For speedy results you can also start eating yoghurt.

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