Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acne treatment: What is Genital acne?

Genital acne as the word itself explains is found in the genital area of your body. The formation of genital acne is caused not by sebaceous gland but by apocrine glands. These glands are found around the genital area, underarms, nipples etc.

Hiradentis suppurativa is the scientific name of genital acne. In fact medical people do not call it acne. They refer to it by its scientific name and consider it to be quite different from normal acne. Perspiration in groin area is the major cause of genital acne.

Because of excessive sweating pores of apocrine gland get blocked leading to swelling and infection. Sometimes apocrine glands do not develop fully therefore secretions get stuck in there causing inflammation .When it is inflamed genital acne is formed.

Among other reasons of genital acne are very tight fitting clothes which do not let your skin breath. Also the detergent used to wash your under wear is not rinsed off completely therefore detergent particles left on the underwear cause further irritation of skin. Care should be taken to use the detergent that is most suitable for your skin. If possible try to wear loose clothes which do not cling to your body all the time.

Sports person who wear very tight clothes or equipment tend to develop genital acne very easily because of constant rubbing of skin with the clothes. Gentle exfoliation of the infected area is sometimes very helpful apart from changing your soaps and detergents.

If you have already taken all the possible precautions and do not see any improvement, it is time to seek medical advice. Just meet your dermatologist and have the genital acne diagnosed. Often if above mentioned precautions were unable to treat he situation it turns out to be a completely different infection than genital acne.

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