Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acne skin care

Hundreds of acne skin care products are available on the market therefore choosing the right one is not less than a challenge. Acne as most of are aware is a skin condition or disorder which is caused when the oil glands of our skin start producing more oil than normal and clogs the pores through which excess oil is released.

Though a majority of teenagers develop acne, but there are some who either do not develop acne at all or their acne gets healed on its own without any external treatment. It all depends upon your skin type. If your skin is oily you are definitely more susceptible to acne than others with dry skin. These people should go for acne skin care treatment which means general acne creams may not be suitable for you.

For oily skin alcohol based acne skin care products are the best. What really happens is that you start using any acne cream and aggravate the situation. Similary water based solutions without alcohol is good for those with dry skin, therefore it may not be suitable for oily skin. If you keep these things in mind before purchasing any skin care solution you will get the best value for your money

People usually believe dirty skin is the cause of acne. Though it is good and hygienic to keep your face free of dirt, overdoing it may cause more harm than any good. This is especially true for those with dry skin. If you wash your skin too frequently you will make it more dry which may result in irritation. Instead, you can start taking a balanced diet full of fibers and vitamin E. You can also consider taking some oral supplements to ensure proper hormonal balance in your body.

Just to avoid all the above mentioned skin types and acne skin care treatments you can also go for herbal skin care treatments. These are known to be highly beneficial for all kind of skins and you need not take any precautions. Just using herbal creams regularly not only cures existing acne but also makes your skin flawless.

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