Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adult acne

Though acne is quite common for teenagers and those in early twenties, it is sometimes also found in adults in the age group of 25-40. This is known as adult acne. In fact one out of 5 women faces adult acne at some point of time in their life. It is an embarrassing problem and sometimes the medications that worked well in your teenage seem to be ineffective for curing adult acne.

Causes of adult acne

The exact causes of adult acne are still unknown and there are different opinions about the causes. A majority of experts believe that adult acne is caused by stress and incorrect or excessive usage of cosmetics. Following are a few most common causes of adult acne

* · Excessive medications: Women usually take birth control pills which contain estrogen and progestin. These are very helpful in keeping acne at bay. However the problem is caused if they suddenly stop taking birth control pills. The sudden change in body’s intake or estrogen causes hormonal irregularity which results in adult acne.
* · Stress triggers production of androgen which stimulate the hair follicle and more oil is produced the result of which is seen in the form of adult acne. Leading a stress free life also helps us maintain a perfect skin without acne.
* · Adult acne is also hereditary. Around 50 % of people who suffer from acne have a family history of acne.

While you cannot do anything about heredity you can certainly make your life stress free which is a way to cure adult acne. Apart from that you can use a right cleanser .Either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid based cleanser is the best. Also make it a point to exfoliate your skin at least one every week so that pores of your skin do not remain clogged

It is a no brainer that creams and lotions based on natural herbs are highly effective in treating adult acne as well. Just give them a try.

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