Saturday, May 8, 2010

Barack Obama Health Care

Barack Obama and helped the citizens of the U.S.A. catch up with the global community today when they came under the protection of a universal health care system. This is important not only for Americans, because the rest of the world now sees the superpower looking after it’s own underprivileged. It is a boost of optimism for the future of humanity. So I want to look at the horoscope for the signing of the Bill to see what the astrology says in relation to this bigger picture, and also check out Barack Obama’s transits because this is a massive personal victory for the man.
The current New Moon set the stage very well for this event and I want to quote from Marina’s article on this, a very nice prediction: “Neptune and Chiron are still in conjunction and having some influence by semi-sextile on the innovative ideas of the Mercury /Uranus conjunction. This is thinking on healthcare….Opposing Mercury and Uranus is the Asteroid Panacea (26 Virgo) the Goddess of healing, are we going to get some innovation in the health field?”
The Health Care Bill Signing Horoscope
The main feature of the chart is the Grand Cross, or Grand Square aspect pattern. Moon opposite Pluto, and Sun opposite Saturn. I’m going to quote straight from Elida Natalia Marchisone because the symbolism here is just so perfect: “The key words for the ‘Grand Square’ are: ‘Collective Relator’. The pattern formed by the ‘grand cross’ can be identify as the first architectural structure of places of collective service. ‘Hospitals’ where both a need to pay tribute to the Sponsor or Patron, and to heal the body and the spirit were met. The first Hospital buildings were designed in a ‘Cross -fashion’ : four isles converging in the middle in a perfect Cross-shaped pattern. In the middle of the crossing an alter was built, so that the priest could perform rituals both propitiatory and worshipping. These rituals could be viewed by patients placed at the four arms of the cross.” Major Configurations

Health Care Reform Bill
Breaking the Grand Cross down, we have Moon representing the public, the mood of the people, womens issues and nurturing. Pluto is the big end of town which in this case would be the faceless health insurance companies. This opposition is very tight with an orb of just 10 minutes and oppositions mean opposing forces are pitted against each other, confrontation and even conflict, but the high energy created can get results from compromise or from one side getting the edge on the other. In this case, the public seems to have gained the upper hand over the corporations.
The Moon is strong in the chart because it is conjunct the Ascendant. This conjunction by over two degrees is made stronger because of the fixed stars involved. The Moon and the Ascendant are both on stars in the constellation Gemini. Both stars have a similar influence which is why this conjunction of Moon and Ascendant is so strong, the stars are in the left foot of Castor (Apollo) which is the Western Twin. The rising star is Propus and the Moon is on Tejat Posterior. These two stars give “The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence.” [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.46-47]. Tejat Posterior in particular “gives force, energy, power and protection.” [Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.163]
The other part of the Grand Cross is the Sun opposite Saturn by nearly two degrees, not as strong as the Moon opposite Pluto but still very interesting. This aspect put the president (the Sun) against the structure of government and the conservatives (Saturn). Looks like an all round victory for light (Sun and Moon) over darkness (Saturn and Pluto). That is overly simplistic, the bigger picture involves the big T-Square with Pluto (transformation) squaring Uranus (progessive changes) and Saturn (responsibility). This bigger picture was brought up by Mali on our Facebook Page when she mentioned the similarities of this time to the previous major configurations including these planets. 1930/31 with the Great Depression, and the crossroads of 1964/66, when the first Medicare Bill came into effect in the USA. These slow moving planets can represent transperonal issues, what the masses are thinking and feeling. There does seems to have been an influence here because it effects so many people, and the Moon in the chart is very prominent, the feelings of the general population, articulated by their voice, the president.
Associated with this health care bill is the abortion issue. “Baby Killer” was shouted in the House of Representatives, and death threats have been made by Christian extremists. Just hours before the vote, “Obama agreed to issue an executive order that would prohibit federal funding for elective abortions in accordance with the Hyde Amendment, which allows abortion funding in the cases of rape, incest or threat to the mother’s health.” and Democrat Rep. Marcy Kaptur said “The provisions in this bill that have to do with maternal health care, child health care, preventive care, the adoption credits that were included in the bill take us to a new day in America.” Health Bill Angers, Delights Pro-Life Christians
When I read about the “Baby Killer” remark I immediately thought of astrological Lilith and she is very strong in the signing chart. For a few days including the vote and the signing, asteroid Lilith was the action point of a Yod aspect pattern. Venus sextile Black Moon Lilith (mean Lilith), and for the signing, osculating (true Lilith) was at the reaction point of this Yod, opposite asteroid Lilith. All the females are prominent in the signing chart. Moon is conjunct Ascendant and tightly opposite Pluto, Venus and the Liliths are in the Yod.
Linking Lilith to abortion stems from the original stories of ancient Sumeria, where Lilith was the handmaiden of Inanna (Venus) and did her dirty work, leading men astray. The story evolved through time and she ends up preying on babies in Hebrew writings. This transfer of the mythology from the Sumerian culture would most likely have occured during the time the Jews were captive in Babylon (the Babylonians conquered the Sumerians). But whatever the reasons, Lilith is the female archetype most associated with prostitution and abortion, these darker parts of life are linked with the Moon and Venus, but it is Lilith who rules these underground areas. Lilith represents a womans rights over her own body, regardless of the prevailing moral codes as dictated by the church and/or state.
One more very interting association in this story of the darker side of human nature is Pluto. In ancient Sumeria, our Pluto was a woman. Ereshkigal was queen of the underworld, and she was the sister of Inanna (Venus). Right now, transiting Pluto is conjunct a fixed star in constellation Sagittarius called Kaus Australis. “Quiet in nature with its Venus spectra. Associated with the Goddess Istar.” [Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.36.]. Goddess Istar is the Babylonian Ishtar, equivalent of the Sumerian Inanna, our Venus. Ereshkigal, queen of the underworld is visiting her sisters’ star.
President Obama’s Transits
The January Solar eclipse was conjunct Obama’s Saturn, and last months New Moon was sextile his Saturn. The president has achieved a major structural change for his country, and he did it in the middle of bickering between progressives (Uranus) and traditionalists (Saturn). The tightest aspect in the horoscope of Barack Obama is the quincunx (balancing act) between Saturn and Uranus 04′. Obama’s Saturn has been realized. All the keywords such as crystalization, ambition, long term planning, achievement. With discipline and hard work his has broken down barriers, overcome restrictions and exercises his authority, taking responsibility for the welfare of his people.
This is a big change, transiting Uranus on the New Moon degree also sextiling his Saturn. This places his natal Uranus at the action point of a transiting Yod aspect pattern. Yods in a natal chart represent a special mission in life, a calling. When formed in transit, they mark a time frame for a special accomplishment, the mission. The Eclipse on his Saturn quincunxing his Uranus. The New Moon and transiting Uranus quincunxing his Uranus. Uranus is radical change, humanitarian and the collective.
The feminine issues mentioned in relation to the signing chart can be linked by transit to Obama’s horoscope. Transiting Black Moon Lilith is conjunct his Ascendant by 30′. The Ascendant is conjunct his Venus 41′. Looks like the fight for the rights of women is an issue that still needs resolution, and this health care bill made it to law by putting a lid on the issue, for the time being.


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