Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rules Asian restaurants by Steven Shaw

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed reading "Asian Dining Rules: Essential Strategies for release in Japanese, Chinese, South Asian, Korean and Indian restaurants" by Steven A. Shaw. I lived in Japan and Korea, and I traveled all the other Asian countries, and say "I love Asian food" would be an understatement. Unfortunately, life in Montana, I do not understand what I want, so you can be sure that when we travel, Asian restaurants are places you frequentas possible.

Why do I need this guide? Because it is a very good reading for those who love Asian cuisine and is full of interesting facts, stories and choosing foods that people who frequent Asian restaurants may not know.

I confess, I thought this might be a dry boring book I ordered but my love for Asian cuisine made me take this opportunity for me to learn something new. Again, I was surprised, because I not only learned a lot of interesting informationthings, I liked the writing of Shaw and personal anecdotes that make this book a fun read.

This book contains a brief introduction to restaurants in Asia and what is the book. Then there are chapters that focus on certain types of Asian restaurants: Japanese, Chinese, South-east Asia, including Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai, Cambodia and Korea and India. Here is a brief conclusion.

The book is a list of foods that are in this type of restaurant,While these lists are included. There are a lot of personal experience with specific restaurants that will be useful for travelers who visit these places. But much of the information is widespread, because when you visit these restaurants.

Shaw points out many myths, like the word sushi means "raw fish" or the use of chopsticks in some restaurants and some food. He explained how the pregnant women in Asia are eating raw fish andMSG discussed. There are a lot of information in this book to make the experience much better Asian food.

I have no reservations to this high level of recommendation for people who love to eat Asian restaurant. If you love Asian cuisine, you will enjoy this book.

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