Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fresh or frozen? - The way you eat healthily

How many times have you bought vegetables at the supermarket and found just throwing them all away, because it was rotten and dried before reaching the pan or pot? The problem with vegetables is what you need to cook right away because if kept in storage in the refrigerator can get the light as the shell of their life is short, unlike frozen vegetables. You can purchase and stored in the refrigerator for months without having to worry about who will be in vain.

AlthoughShell life of frozen vegetables may take up to a few months ago is not the natural flavor and taste than fresh vegetables. Frozen vegetables are healthier and more nutritious than fresh vegetables. Vegetables when ripe and ready, I picked, packed and sealed and frozen to maintain the nutritional value in the store.

But like everything else there are pros and cons of eating frozen vegetables. A disadvantageis that most of the time people who filled the frozen vegetables have added a little 'sugar or salt to add more flavor, such as frost and ice is formed, the taste can be removed as soon as you start to thaw. Check the label to ensure there is no added sugar or salt on the packaging. The other disadvantage of frozen vegetables is that plants freezing process of the principle has nothing to do with his taste. Although most people find more tasty fresh vegetables from frostVegetables can be improved if you add a little 'spice flavor with cooking.

Most frozen foods already in companies that bite or sting is easier to prepare and is one of the advantages of it. 'S very easy to cook without cutting spending precious time, even cutting and peeling the skins of vegetables. "To get your family to eat frozen vegetables, try cooking with Italian herbs and spices, lemon pepper or a little 'butter and garlic. You can also trygrilled or sauteed in olive oil. Experiment a bit 'to cook vegetable dishes for your family will always want to eat healthy vegetables.

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