Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrity cookbooks gourmet cakes

gourmet pies are delicious desserts that can be bought in stores. It can be given as a gift, as a dessert for birthdays or anniversaries and other special events. You can also cook one yourself and save a lot of it. You can search through recipe books to guide you.

Some cookbooks gourmet pie recipe:

Cheesecake Cookbook Junior

This recipe cheesecake recipe Alan Rosen and Beth Allen contains 50 deliciousrecipes for cakes, cheesecakes, New York Style.

This is based on best-selling junior cheese restaurant called the restaurant. Now they are telling their favorite recipes of all time for everyone to enjoy its award-winning cheesecakes. Some cheese recipes that include all the cream cheese on a cookie dough and cream, among others. This is the original cheese junior in New York, it all started, until the cheese with a pinch offlavors like Rocky Road Fudge Banana pumpkin mousse.

It also includes recipes for cheesecake as a child in his latest creation, its skyscrapers cheese cake with layers of flavors like coconut carrot cake with lemon, and Boston Cream Pie, among others.

This book was launched in October 2007. And 'illustrated with texts in English. It has about 176 pages. Alan Rosen, author of the book, the little son of Harry Rosen. Therefore, Harry Rosen is the founder ofJunior restaurant is located in Times Square, Grand Central Station and Brooklyn.

The cake mix doctor

This book was made by none other than Anne Byrn. The book focuses mainly on the cake recipes with a touch of care for the package. With a pinch of cocoa powder, unsalted butter, poppy seeds, and eggs, yogurt, vanilla, lemon zest and sherry to make a delicious cake with poppy seeds Charleston.

With the recipes in this book, even beginners canlearn recipes as roasted coconut cake sour cream and devilishly good chocolate cake, caramel holiday Yule log cake and many recipes for cheese. We also have sheet cakes, sandwiches, bars and sweet biscuits and books.

The book consists of 175 cake recipes easy and quick to cook. Foods are tender, moist, deep, rich flavor, even in complex ways. All this thanks to Anne Byrn, a writer who describes himself as a purist and an award-winning cuisine. Its revenue to promote ease of use, convenienceand reliability. It also features a Q & A part of all possible questions and advice on baking cakes shown. This cookbook consists of 464 pages of documents in a novel. It 'was released in November 1999 in the English text.

Southern Cakes: Sweet and irresistible recipes for everyday celebrations

This book was written by renowned cooking teacher, Nancie McDermott. Residents of North Carolina, was able to make this book possible with the assistance of BeckyLuigart-Stayner, a photographer for magazines and living in Alabama.

I like pie recipes south, particularly the chocolate goodness of Mississippi Mud. This book contains 65 recipes, including cakes, peanut Humble pear bread, cakes and sweets Jelly Jam, among others. It also has an entire chapter of coconut and chocolate cakes. You can also learn from their section 101 on the basis of cake baking and finishing, such as meringue pie. He is also involved instorage, providing fresh flavors and length for each section.

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