Saturday, May 8, 2010

Towards a healthy diet

Who cares if you live in a house full of junk food addicts? You know the type: "Mom, there's nothing to eat," when a glance in the fridge reveals fresh plums, peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach. Yes, it is nothing to eat. Even the freezer frozen many varieties of vegetables, which can only be a few minutes a tasty dish. "But I'm hungry for real food" is the only answer to these suggestions (this means that you wantempty carbohydrates, preferably with protein.) If the debate takes place, probably result in the fryer is on the order or fast food for delivery. These are "real food"

This is the dilemma faced by many families. We all know that buying chips or fatty foods adds to the problem. We know that when you drink soda, give them permission to do the same thing. So why we wonder how it happened, when he sees a frightening number of us in the scale? We have not doneconsciously?

As for our eating habits around is not something you can do overnight. Not without a fight, ie. You could go "cold turkey" and all the strength to follow a specific diet. But probably not enough unless you try. Worse, when the weight loss goals have been met, return the same bad habits they had before.

The real answer is not a diet book or a play kitchen, but only common sense. You doFoods that are a healthy and attractive as more attractive than other healthy alternatives. Once foods have been introduced that are best for you and the family has adopted them, they will be able to maintain a normal diet in the long term. And then, less healthy alternatives could gradually disappear without notice. Here are some tips to make this transition takes place at home.

1. Get a book of recipes low in carbohydrates. Even if you are not an Atkinsfan, there are many useful alternatives and other methods of preparation, in the context of this philosophy. For example, you can get the milk flavor or texture of the bread without paying the price.

2. Try some new salads. In addition to a wide range of blends traditional green salad, sauteed vegetables served many cultures as a salad. I tried recipes that use ingredients like chopped chicken, orange juice and couscous in new ways. The golden rule isIf your family loves the individual ingredients, it is likely that, in combination.

3. Soup! Make your sauce (and even some freezing) is a great way to reduce calories, fats and MSG. When the broth to cool overnight in the refrigerator, forms a layer of solid fat on top that can be easily removed. There are a lot of soups that your family can enjoy as part of a meal or a light snack (leaving less room for what follows).

4. Selection of the season.See what is on sale in their local production island and find a new way to prepare. The use of fresh ingredients that are fragrant and the season in a safe way to attract attention to a new offer.

5. Put a new twist on an old favorite. You can try a dish that everyone likes, changing a few ingredients. Trick with the recipe, you can change the way you get a sauce or substitute ingredients to make what would have been a disadvantage into an advantage. Try.

TheThe key is to keep your family likes and dislikes in mind. Just try to present the brand new elements of a meal or a joke to see if the catch. If you try to introduce too many changes at once, the probability that the success of their efforts will be affected. And, of course, share your successes with your family and your neighbors. More people can have on your computer, the better.

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