Saturday, October 9, 2010

Allergies Can Be Deadly

Allergies Can Be DeadlyAllergies are not only disrupting the quality of life of sufferers, but also can cause life-threatening complication sometimes. One type of allergy that can cause deadly effect is drug allergy.

In developed countries, food allergies, especially peanuts, can cause severe health problems. But most developing countries, cases of drug allergy is most often have fatal consequences.

If after taking the medicine you feel the itchy sensation, swelling, and redness of the oral mucosa and without fever, it is reasonable suspicion of angioderma. You should immediately get medical treatment because it can result in shortness of breath.

Drugs that commonly cause allergies are estimated to include penicillin group, analgesic-antipyretic drugs and paracetamol. Many patients suffering from shock after getting this kinds of drugs.

Drug allergy symptoms can vary from mild to severe; it can even be accompanied by disturbances of consciousness. Treatment that is given too late can be fatal for the patient.

Cases of drug allergy are quite common. That is why we have to use drugs rationally, meaning that only use medication if necessary and drugs used in the right way.

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