Saturday, October 9, 2010

Domain. Ly 'Cleansed', Penyingkat URL Threatened?

As the popularity of microblogging like Twitter, fame also helped uphill penyingkat site web address alias URL. One of the skyrocketing is, which uses the domain. Ly.

Domain. Ly is the domain which is managed by the Libyan state. In addition, there is also a service named penyingkat backed by sex educator Violet Blue (vb).

As quoted from Ars Technica, Saturday (08/10/2010), suddenly could not be accessed because the Libyan government do a 'cleanup' on a domain that is unlawful 'moral' in that country.

According domain authority in Libya, violate state law because it displays pictures of sexy women on the page initially. The picture is Violet Blue who was wearing a tank top, holding the bottle.

"The issue pertaining to what the picture is very subjective, what I think is offensive may not be a problem for you, but I think you agree that the picture scantily clad woman with a bottle in his hand is not something that is considered a polite or at least safe for the family," wrote spokesman for the telecommunications and technology authorities in Libya, Alaeddin S ElSharif.

ElSharif write about it in an email to Violet Blue who later posted by Violet on his blog. Email is the answer to question her death ElSharif when Violet domain

"The country we do not allow pornography in any form, as well as efforts to promote it," continued ElSharif.

Ben Metcalfe, a partner in running Violet, said Libya's policy changes could threaten other services that use URLs penyingkat domain. Ly.

"This is a bad precedent, that all sites that are in the domain. Ly must adhere to sharia law in Libya. This is especially a problem for those who run penyingkat URL or user generated content on the site berdomain. Ly," he said.

According to Metcalfe, sites like also be used to condense a URL that refers to content that is considered pornographic by the Libyan Government. Does such a thing would then be criticized by the authorities in Libya?

So far there are no signs that will be closed or prohibited by the Libyan government. However, Metcalfe think this case shows the use of certain state-owned domain may be problems later on.

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