Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Walk Routine Benefits

Nine benefits to be gained from walking activity.

(1) heart attack.

First of course reduce the risk of heart attack. We know that muscle
heart requires blood to flow more profusely (from coronary artery
who gave him a meal) for fit and function normally without stopping the blood pumping. To that end, the heart muscle needs blood flow
a more swift and smooth. Hurriedly walk Hustle coronary blood flow to the heart. Thus the adequacy of oxygen the heart muscle and heart muscle are met can stay awake for quite a beat.
Not only that. Flexibility of the arteries of the body of trained
contract and expand mengejangnya will be helped by the muscles around the walls of blood vessels when performing activities on foot rushed it. The end result, blood pressure tends to be lower, intercellular adhesions that can result in blood clot plugs a blood clot vessels will also be reduced.
More than that, the good cholesterol (HDL), which works as a sponge
absorbing the bad cholesterol (LDL) will increase by foot
hie. Not many ways out of a drug that can increase HDL levels in addition to moving the body. Walk hurriedly recorded can reduce the risk of heart attack to just half.

(2). Stroke.

Despite the benefits of walking hurriedly towards stroke
its influence has not been as real as against coronary heart disease, some studies have shown encouraging results. Just look at the natural evidence of our ancestors were doing more walking activities every day, old stroke cases not as much now. One study of 70 thousand nurses (Harvard School of Public Health) that the work was recorded walking activity as much as 20 hours a week decreased their risk of stroke two-thirds.

(3). Stable weight.

It turned out to familiarize walking routine, the rate of metabolism
enhanced body. In addition to a number of calories wasted by activity
walking distance, the excess calories that might exist would be burned by
increasing the body's metabolism, so weight gain is not

(4). Lose weight.

Yes, in addition to maintained stable weight, those who start
being overweight, can be derived by conducting
hurriedly walk it regularly. Excess lard in
under the skin will burn if diligent walking activities
sufficient rate of at least one hour.

(5). Preventing diabetes.

Yes, by familiarizing walking distance travel at about 6 km per hour,
travel time about 50 minutes, it could delay or prevent
of developing Type 2 diabetes, especially in those who bodied
overweight (National Institute of Diabetes and Gigesive & Kidney Diseases).
As we know that cases of diabetes that can be overcome without
need to take medication, can be done by choosing a bodybuilding routine
periodically. During the blood sugar can be controlled simply by moving
body (brisk walking), the drug is not required. That means that
hurriedly walk the same benefits with antidiabetic drugs.

(6). Preventing osteoporosis.

Yes. With exercise and walk fast, not only
body muscles strengthened, but the bones as well. For calcium metabolism, exercise also required, in addition to need exposure to sunlight in the morning. Not enough extra calcium and vitamin D alone to prevent or slow the process of osteoporosis. The body also requires body movement and takes at least 15 minutes of exposure to the sun in the morning to be free from the threat of osteoporosis. Those who exercise since he was young, and consume enough calcium, up to age 70 years predicted to be free from the threat of bone loss.

(7). Relieves arthritic knee.

Over a third of elderly people in America have arthritic knees
(Osteoarthiris). By getting used to walking fast or
choose to walk in the swimming pool, arthritic knee pain can
subsided. For those who suffer from arthritic knees, walking activities need to be done intermittently, not every day. The goal is to give opportunity to the joints to recover. One thing to remember for people with arthritic leg or foot: do not mistakenly choose the sports shoes. We know, with the pertambahnya age, joint space increasingly narrow, increasingly thin layers of joint cartilage, and fluid joint space had decreased. The condition of joints that have been like that need to be maintained and protected so as not to experience a severe shock by the load weight, especially in the obese. When the bearings (sol) less tender sneakers, shoes failed act as shock absorbers (shock absorber). That means the joints continue to experience heavy shock load during walking, especially when running or jumping. This is the worsening condition of joints, joint pain and trigger an attack or cause joint disease in those at risk of joint disorders.

The emergence of joint pain after activities as walking, can
be because the wrong type of sports shoes. Branded shoes
determine the quality cushions, in addition to the suitability of anatomy foot.

Habit of walking barefoot, even indoors
though, can worsen the condition of the joints of the leg and foot,
and shock loads that must be borne by the joints.

(8) Depression.

It turned out that moving the body with a quick walk also helps
patients with depression status. Walking distance could hie
replace antidepressants should be taken regularly. Study Happenings
free from depression by walking already done more than 10

(9). Cancer can also arise if we diligently canceled on foot, at least the type of colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma).

We know, moving the body part smooth bowel peristalsis, so that
defecate more orderly. Colorectal cancer is also triggered by
fecal retention for longer in the digestive tract. Other studies also
mentions the role of a walk to the possibility of lowering the risk of breast cancer.

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