Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vegan Diet: Eating Healthy Tips

Many people think vegan diets are not healthy and that becoming a vegetarian means that you will have to follow a strict vegan diet and miss out on all the fantastic tastes that non-vegetarians get to enjoy.Is this true? Here are some eating healthy tips that will prove those people wrong.

Tip #1: Eat apricots & carrots

That’s a nice little “Eating Healthy Tip”. Apricots and carrots are great because the contain a lot of beta-carotene, vitamin C, iron and potassium and only a few calories. Eat them whenever you get the chance.

Tip #2: Drink Beverages

Unsweeted fruit juices are tasty can be a good source of vitamins. Other healthy options are mineral water, tea, blended fruits with soy milk. These are all powerful.

Tip #3: Washing and Peeling: Do not over do it

You know you have to wash fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides. Also, many people completely peel the fruits before they eat them. You must know that if you wash too much or peel the fruits you may remove some of the nutritional value. So don’t over do it!

Tip #4: Do not use Fructose

Many people believe that fructose is healthy because it’s derived from fruit. The truth is that fructose is not a healthy sweetener and it is not derived by fruit! In fact, it is a highly refined sugar that is believed to cause cancer and high cholesterol.

Tip #5: Eat Nuts

Nuts and seeds are extremely powerfulland healthy. Vegetarians who eat lots of nuts have a stronger heart. Nuts contain huge amounts of vitamins and minerals like vitamin E,B, magnesium, calcium etc. They also help to stabilize your blood dugar. So go for nuts!

Tip #6: Vitamin Compensation

Vegetarian meatless diets cause lack of iron and B vitamin. These vitamins are crucial to your health and you must compensate for them by eating whole grains or dark leaf vegetables.

There are thousands of eating healthy tips when you’re on a vegetarian diet. If you do some research over the internet or if you ask a longtime vegetarian you will be surprised.

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