Friday, October 8, 2010

What is back acne?

Contrary to common belief acne is not found on face only. There is a different type of acne called back acne or simply ‘bacne’. As the name clearly suggests it shows up on back, buttocks and chest. Usually back acne is more stubborn that normal acne. Just like normal acne it is also caused by hormonal irregularities.

Causes of back acne

Normally acne is caused by excessive production of oil by sebaceous glands. The same is true for back acne as well. However it is influenced by heredity most of the time. As hormones are responsible for overproduction of sebum, if their secretion is irregular beyond a limit it starts causing back acne. Hormonal secretion is hereditary in a majority of cases; therefore indirectly it causes back acne.

The situation is aggravated by tight fitting clothes which trap perspiration and clog the pores through which oil is released. It results in pimples, whiteheads and of course acne.

How to treat back acne

* · First of all try to avoid friction either by wearing loose fitting clothes or making sure that you do not rub your skin in any case. As sweat irritates the body acne, try to take bath after exercising or doing any activity that cause perspiration.
* · Mild body acne or back acne can be treated by applying 10% benzoyl peroxide solutions or gels. If your acne has turned serious, it is best to seek expert advice instead of trying to treat it on your own.
* · Back acne is more stubborn therefore require oral supplements as well. You can take tetracycline or minocyline for these kinds of acnes.

Preventing back acne

* · Exfoliate your skin as often as you can because it helps you open skin pore which is very important for maintaining an acne free skin.
* · Always wear clean and bacteria free clothes. If you go to gym or yoga classes carry you own mat. Also make sure that you take shower after a rigorous workout session.

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