Saturday, October 9, 2010

Coral Exploitation Now Prohibited in Central Hamahera

The government of Central Halmahera, Maluku Utara (North Maluku), began enforcing the ban exploitation of coral reefs to be used as building materials.

Basri Halteng Sekkab Charitable when contacted from Ternate, on Friday, said the ban exploitation of coral reefs for materials will already be enforced starting on Thursday (7 / 10) yesterday and aims to maintain the preservation of the environment in the sea.

Even Pemkab Halteng also will coordinate with relevant parties to ask for miners who tried to exploit coral reefs will be subject to a legal witness.

"It means that from today, exploitation and collection of coral reefs in marine waters of Central Halmahera no longer allowed. If there are those who will take it will be prosecuted," said Basri.

Basri said, coral reefs in the waters of Central Halmahera average teracam damaged by miners since 2008. This is because many people who mine the materials to be used as building material. By him, the ban on rock-making will be elaborated in local legislation.

In the law number 32 of 2009 on environmental protection, making sea coral reefs have also been banned. But for the Central Halmahera regency will continue with local regulations and it is made.

For the replacement of building materials in Central Halmahera, Basri said, it menganjukan to mengantikannya with stones gopeng.

"Miners rock reefs will be transferred to mine the stones. Moreover lane roads to the location of the stone gopeng already open," he said.

Meanwhile, in lieu of the livelihoods of miners, continued Basri, it has a relationship with the PT Weda Bay Nickel to accommodate them as workers.

He added that the imposition of this ban, after the government of Central Halmahera District held a meeting together the police, village chiefs, rock miners, and the related intansi Weda Bay Nickel.

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