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Bacopa Monnieri Information-Uses and Benefits

Bacopa Monnieri Bacopa Monnieri Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is herb which is used in the Indian Ayurvedic system as a medicine. In Sanskrit it is known as brahmi. It belongd to the Scrophilariaceae family and is also known as babies tears, bacopa, herpestis monniera and water hyssop. It has a bitter taste and has been used in ayurveda for centuries. It is a herb which is found naturally in India and is used in treating various disorders such as anxiety disorder, poor memory and intellect. Traditionally it has been used for enhancing memory, learning and concentration.

Bacopa MonnieriBrahmi is a small herb and has numerous branches which root at the nodes with many prostrate branches (10-30 cm). The leaves are oblong, sessile, petiole and fleshy. The brahmi flowers are purple in color. It grows naturally in the tropics and India in shallow water marshes and wet soil. It is usually found at an elevation of 4500 feet from the sea level and can be cultivated if enough water is available. The entire plant from its fruits to the leaves has medicinal values. Brahmi is distributed throughout India and in the North Eastern region.

Bacopa MonnieriBrahmi constitutes compounds like alkaloids, saponins and sterols which give the plant its medicinal properties. Many alkaloids such as herpestine and brahmine, hersaponin and saponins d-mannitol, monnierin and acid A were isolated in India. Some other effective constituents include betulic acid, beta sitosterol and bacosides A and B which are reponsilble for its cognitive effects.

Bacopa provides us with many pharmacological properties as it has an ability to enhance nerve impulse transmissiondue to the presence of compounds like tritepenoid saponin. It has an ability to repair the damaged neurons as it can enhance kinase activity, restore synpatic activity and the nerve impulse transmission.

Bacopa MonnieriThere are a lot of benefits of using brahmi. It is used to treat skin problems like psoriasis, abscess, ulceration etc. It can stimulate the growth of hair, skin and nails. It is effective in treating diseases like asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, backache, constipation, fevers, hair loss, digestive problems etc. It is also used for improving confidence, mental clarity and meory in students.

According to an Indian research Brahmi has properties of cardiotonic, antioxidants and anticancer properties. The taste of brahmi is bitter therefore in India it is used in soups, salads, cooked and pickled. It is used to treat stroke and nervous exhaustion in case of nervous defecit.

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