Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Safed Musli Information-Uses and Benefits

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Since ancient times, the tuber root and rhizome of Safed Musli has been used to cure human ailments and infections. Safed Musli is a plant with small, usually white flowers, produced on spare panicles up to 120 cm long. In some species, the panicles also bear plantlets that take root when they touch the ground.
Commercial cultivation of this plant has begun in various regions of the world as it has been found to be an effective aphrodisiac. It has also become a key ingredient in many Ayurvedic preparations due to its unparalleled therapeutic and medicinal properties. As it boosts the general immune system, it is increasingly being used as a health tonic. The climatic conditions and temperature of the central zones of India are conducive to its growth and it is found growing wild here. Sandy, loamy soil, with suitable drainage, is the perfect soil type for growing Safed Musli. The Medicinal Board of India has recognized it as the sixth most important herb, to be preserved and protected, due to its many medicinal uses.

Plant Chemicals

Safed Musli HerbCarbohydrates (35-45%), fiber (25-35%), alkaloids (15-25%), saponins (2-20%), and proteins (5-10%).

Benefits and Uses of Safed Musli:

Safed Musli is often prescribes for enhancing male potency and battling signs of fatigue. It is a very popular aphrodisiac and shows no side effects. Individuals with a low sperm count or a low libido find it particularly useful. The general immune system of the body is strengthened by the roots of the herb and it is regarded as an energy booster in asthmatic conditions.Safed Musli

The tuber roots are used in Ayurvedic medicines even today to make a nutritive tonic for sexual weakness. It also proves useful during pregnancy as a nutritive tonic for both the mother and the child and during the post-partum stage is used to replenish body fluids. The quantity and flow of breast milk in feeding mothers is also improved by this herb.

Obesity and its many side effects can also be effectively controlled by this plant. It also enhances the activities of vitamin C and antioxidant enzymes. Its use in curing diabetic and arthritic condition has been proven by research. Natal and Post-natal problems can also be treated.Safed Musli

Increase in levels of high Density Lipoprotein and decrease in plasma and hepatic lipid profiles have been observed with regular use. It also prevents premature ejaculation and chronic leucorrhoea apart from rejuvenating the reproductive system.

While there are no known side effects of Safed Musli, excessive doses may lead to gastrointestinal upsets.

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