Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Prevention

Brest cancer is the most common disease in women; however the risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Diet plays an important role to minimize the risk of breast cancer. A balanced diet helps the body to work properly, eliminating risk of many diseases including breasts cancer. However consuming fats can cause serious health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases and breast cancer as well.

It is proved with the help of research and studies that consuming alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. In case of women consuming alcohol regularly has as much two times the possibility of developing breast cancer than women who do not consume alcohol. Avoiding alcohol can provide great help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Smoking causes many diseases related to heart and lungs. However women smoking at an early age are more susceptible to the risk of breast cancer. As the smoke of the cigarette stay in the chest area for a longer time which causes the women different lungs and breasts diseases, however rate of breast cancer among smokers is higher. By quitting smoking, women can save their breast from developing cancer.

Physical exercise
Physical exercises tend to eliminate the risk of breast cancer. Exercise does not mean joining a gym, however studies have proved that women who walk briskly for 2.5 to 3 hours every week, reduce their chances to have breast cancer.

Breast milk is natural food for infants, however if they are not properly fed by their mothers. Chances are there that their mother will have breast cancer at an older age. It happens as the milk stays in the breast for a longer period of time, which helps it to react and create disease within the breasts. Therefore providing the required environment for the cancer to develop and grow in the breasts. Therefore it is recommended for women to breastfeed their babies instead of formula milk.

Hormonal treatment
Hormonal treatment for birth control increases the risk of breast cancer. Using the Combination of estrogen and progesterone raises the risk of breast cancer. It is also observed that personal history of women can also cause breast cancer to them, since it can also be inherited to them. In order to reduce that factor they should check their family history for breast cancer, so that it can be stopped before it gets too late.

All these methods can only prevent the breast cancer; they are not the cure for it. However it is better to prevent breast cancer instead of having painful and expensive surgeries afterwards.

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