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Zingiber Officinalis Information-Uses and benefits

Zingiber Officinalis Zingiber Officinalis Zingiber Officinalis
Botanical Name: Zingiber Officinalis
Family Name: Zingiberaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Zingiberales
Family: Zingiberaceae
Genus: Zingiber
Species: Z. officinale
Popular Names: Adrakam, Race Ginger, Jamiaca Ginger, African Ginger, Black Ginger, Adrak, Root Ginger, Sunth, Sheng Jiang
Parts Utilized: Dried and fresh rhizomes
Habitat: Throughout India and South East Asia.


Zingiber OfficinalisThis is a crawling herb with branching, thick bulbs and upright, muscular stems with 15 to 30 centimeters long spear shaped leaves. The flowers are green-yellow in color with dark purple lip with yellow linings. The fruits of this plant are very much alike to fleshy capsules. This plant grows best in moist, well drained and fertile soil. The areas which are considered best for growing ginger are California, Hawaii, Florida, India, China and tropical areas. In Indian regions, this herb is also known as aadrak in Urdu and Bengali, adrak in Gujarati, allam in telugu, shunti in Kannada, alay in Marathi, aduwa in Nepali and inji in Malayalam and Tamil.

Chemicals which are found in the plant

Zingiber OfficinalisShogaols including 6-shogaol, 8-shogaol, 10-shogaol, (+) – volatile oil including arcurcumene and zingiberene, geranial and neral, arcurcumene and beta-bisabolene, geranial, linalool and neral, beta-phellandrene, D-camphor, mixture of cis- and trans-beta-eudesmol and E)-alpha-farnesene, gingeroils including 6-gingeroil, 8-gingeroil, 10-gingeroil and other various chemicals like zingiberene and bisabolene.

Usages and advantages of Ginger

This herb also helps in curing diarrhea, arthritis, rheumatism, motion sickness, bronchitis, diabetes, other digestive problems and stomach aches.
It has cholesterol reducing and blood thinning properties which reduces the risks of getting heart problems.
This also helps in getting rid of nausea due to morning sickness, chemotherapy and seasickness or during pregnancy.
Ginger with 3 or 4 Tulsi leaves helps in curing cough, cold and congestion.
In West, dried ginger root powder is consumed in capsule form.
Zingiber Officinalis

Chinese make a delicious remedy with ginger to cure cold. They cook some sliced ginger in water with along cola or brown sugar to prepare it.
Burmese make an excellent remedy to prevent flu by adding boiled mixture of a sweetener which is made from juice of palm tree with ginger.
Indian use ginger paste on the temples to cure severe headaches.
Zingiber Officinalis
Cautions to be taken
Ginger is a restricted herb for children under 2 years. Ginger powder can cause nausea, bloating, gas or heartburn so it should be used after consulting your doctor.

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