Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Causes of Breast Cancer

Women are blessed with breasts as natural beauty. Besides adding in the beauty of women they help them to attract opposite sex and to feed their babies as well. Sometimes their beauty turns out to be beast for them, by developing sever diseases.

Breast cancer is the most common and dangerous disease a woman can have. Causes are many, however for woman probability of breast cancer increases, in view of the fact that it is not common for men. Women after 30 years of are most likely to have breasts cancer. White women are more vulnerable to breasts cancer as compared to American or African women in United States.

Radiation Exposure
Women who have received therapy at an early age at the chest are at a greater risk to have breast cancer. X-rays have been in practice to trace the problems related to lungs and other parts of body. That makes the women unsecured against the risk of breast cancer. Also women working in chemical factories are most likely to have breast cancer.

Countries where women consume extra fats as the part of diet report high rate of breast cancer. Obesity is the factory that adds in the causes of breast cancer. It is also observed that environmental factors also contribute to the development of breast cancer. Women in Asian countries have less chance to develop breast cancer than women in United States.
Countries where consumption of alcohol is high, women are most likely to have breast cancer.

Breast cancer is also inherited. For that matter both maternal and paternal relatives can inherit the diseases. Usually first degree relatives are important for estimating the risk of breast cancer. If any of the first degree relative had breast cancer, then chances are there that you will have breast cancer. Apart from first degree relatives, grandparents and aunties, who lay in the category of second degree relatives can handover the genes of breast cancer making you susceptible to the diseases.

Having periods at an early age or experiencing a late menopause increases the risk of breasts cancer. Women having children at older age and women without children can also have breasts cancers. Also the women who have been using a combination of estrogen and progesterone for the hormonal treatment are most likely to develop breast cancer.

Risk of breast can be reduced by physical exercises and balanced diet. Women with kids can minimize the risk for breast cancer by feeding their babies properly. However it is advisable to have the breast cancer test in case of minor breasts diseases.

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