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Basil Herb Information-Uses and Benefits

Basil Herb Basil Herb Basil Herb

Basil herb is an ancient herb and is derived from a Greek word basileus which means “king”, although in the ancient Greece and Rome people used to believe that the herb was assign of malice and lunacy. The people in those times used to believe that in order to grow basil they had to curse angrily and yell while they were sowing the seeds. Even in French to sow basil means ranting.

Basil HerbIn many other cultures this herb is associated with the rituals of love. People in the Eastern Europe used to believe that a man would have to love the lady from whom he accepted basil. Italians believed that a man should be receptive of a woman’s love if she placed a pot of basil on a balcony.

The consumption of basil leaves after two lovers put it in fire is believed to be harmonious for the relationship. The popping of the basil leaves is believed to lead to quarrelling and if it cracks and fly then it is thought that the relationship is doomed.

Basil HerbBasil is considered to be a good luck gift for new homeowners which is the reason of the modern custom placing basil in the cash register in order to attract customers. Although it is considered to be an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine it is native herb of India and is dedicated to Gods. Basil is very sensitive to cold and is grown indoors in pots.

Basil is considered to be primarily a culinary herb. It has various antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is not considered be a vital herb by modern clinical herbalist but as it is a member of mint family it is considered good as a digestive aid. A cup of basil tea after dinner is a very good aid digestive system of the body. According to the current Richter’s catalogue there 37 varieties of basil and Sweet Basil is the enduring winner in the kitchen.

Basil HerbThe lemon basils are considered great for desserts, tea, soups and for cooking with chicken and fish. Cinnamon basil is not good for cooking, but is considered good for stewed tomatoes. Thai basil is excellent with stir-fish dishes and green curries.

African Blue makes excellent decorative basils and can grow to the shoulder height. It has a strong aroma which makes it unpleasant in food. Opal basil is used for cooking and it goes really

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