Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Types of Breast Cancer

There are many types of breast cancer, but two are more common in most women. They generally are named after the parts in the breast in which they start occurring. The first is ductal carcinoma and the second is lobular carcinoma. Those two are the most common types, and they appear in the breast’s milk ducts or the milk-producing glands.

In situ breast cancer or a noninvasive breast cancer is a type which the cells have remained within the place of the origin and have no spread around the breast tissue. Ductal carcinoma is a common type of noninvasive breast cancer as it keeps confined within the lining of the milk ducts.

Invasive breast cancers are ones which spread outside the membranes which line the lobule, or the ducts, and start to invade the surrounding areas. They travel to other parts in the body which are more commonly known as lymph nodes. Invasive ductal carcinoma consists of nearly 70% of breast cancers. The lining of the milk ducts eventually get thin and break; the cancer spreads through the wall and starts to apply itself to the breast tissue.

The cells may keep near the site of origin, but they still spread through out the body by using a woman’s blood stream. Invasive lobular carcinoma is less common but it invades in a similar way as it starts in the milk producing lobules then starts to break into the surrounding tissue, but they can also have the same type of spreading on different parts of a woman’s body. This type of cancer does not necessarily provide lumps, but thickens an area in general. The most aggressive types of breast cancer is inflammatory as it starts form sheets and nests instead of lumps underneath the soft tissues of the breast. It can easily be treated with chemotherapy and with some surgery later on. If caught early it is manageable and the survival rates are increasing.

The least common type of cancer is the cancer of the nipple, which is called Paget’s disease. It starts to look like a skin rash or rough skin around the nipple, which some people may consider as eczema, but those are just the minor signs of cancer being under the surface of the skin. The best way to treat this type of cancer is mastectomy, since it is around the nipple and milk ducts.

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