Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Detection

Blood cancer can be detected easily; however that demands a careful and consistent examination of the breast. The simple method is the self examination of the breast, it doest not require much but the time.

To self examine your breast in order to detect the presence of breast cancer, lay down on a horizontal surface with your right hand under your head. Now press your right breast with the help of middle fingers of your left hand upside down. Three different pressure levels are used to feel any abnormality in the breast cells.

First press the press with light pressure to feel the tissue closest to the skin, think make second stroke bit harder to feel the tissues little deeper and make the last stroke stronger enough to feel the tissue closest to the chest and ribs.

Breast cancer affects the appearances of the breast also, for that matter put your hands down on hips firmly while standing in front of mirror. Now look at your breast to feel any change in shape, size, dimpling or redness of the nipple or rest of breast.

Also examine you underarm tissues for any abnormality, in case of abnormal appearance consult your doctor about it. However there are two basic methods that help to patients to detect the breast cancer.

Mammogram is an x-ray of the breast which is used to confirm the existence of breast cancer in women. Patients who discover abnormalities by self examining or the clinical examination of the breast are recommended to have their mammograms.

In mammograms, tissues of the breast are examined by pressing them between two plates. The result is obtained on a black and white sheet or film, which is examined to ensure the presence of the cancer cells. However, mammogram can only prove that there is an abnormality in the breast tissues, this can be another thing than breast cancer. Some tissues of the breast have to be removed and examined to further verify the nature of abnormality.

Magnetic resonance imaging
Women with high risk for breast cancer are recommended to have their MRI along with the mammogram. MRI produces more detailed result in the form of cross-sectional image. For that matter a contrast material is injected into the arm or vein carrying blood to the breast. Using contrast material increases the ability of MRI to produce detail image of the breast tissues.

However mammograms produce better result than MRI. Magnetic resonance imagining misses out most of the things that mammograms would not. Therefore mammogram is most preferred and used method among breast detection methods.

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