Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Breast cancer dose not happen all of the sudden, it takes certain time and condition to develop and grow. All these conditions are provided by the human themselves. As he doe not pay proper attention to the disease or do not even bother to examine breast, he is actually giving time to the breast cancer to grow. Risk factors of breast cancer are categorized into four types. These four broad types are

Personal and family factors
Age and gender are the most common risks associated with the breast cancer. Breast cancer is reported to be developed by females more than males. However women at the younger age are not seen to have breast cancer. The probability of breast cancer increases as the women cross the age limit of 30 years. However, there are situations where women at an early stage can have breast cancer.

Personal history of breast or any other type of cancer increases the chances if breast cancer. Women who have been getting hormonal treatment for birth control or other hormone or other hormone replacement treatments are most likely to have breast cancer. Also the women having menstrual periods at early time in life or at an older age is susceptible to breast cancer.

Breast cancer can also be inherited, for that matter first degree relatives take huge importance. For instance, if a woman has her mother or sister affected by breast cancer, she is most likely to have breast cancer. Second degree relatives (grandfathers and aunties) can also provide the risk of breast cancer.

Smoking and alcohol acts as catalyst for breast cancer. Women who are smoker or consume alcohol as well have chances to develop breast cancer. Also women having no children or having their first child after 30 years of her age are vulnerable to the risk of breast cancer. With the same time women using birth control with higher level of estrogens can easily develop breast cancer, if they use oral contraceptive for a longer period of time.

Obesity resulted due to the consumption of fast increases the risk of breast cancer. Physical inactivity tends to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Environmental factors
Women who are exposed to chemicals e-g working on chemical factories and farm houses have greater tendency to develop breast cancer. Also environment of certain countries support the breast cancer to grow. For instance, Asian women are less likely to have breast cancer than women in United States.

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