Friday, October 23, 2009

HCG Diet Plans – The Importance Of Protein As A Weight Loss Aid

When on any of the hCG diet plans, protein is an important component. The protein portion of this diet is crucial because of the metabolic effects that contribute to successful weight loss. Not are proteins are the same in their metabolic properties, so it is important to follow the specific dietary instructions.

“Postprandial thermogenesis” is a medical term for the additional energy needed for the digestion of food that can represent up to 10% of our caloric needs. You are more likely to lose weight by increasing your caloric needs by ingesting a good source of protein. This added protein requires more energy for digestion. There is a greater likelihood of losing weight when you increase the caloric needs of your metabolism. As more calories are burned, the more you will deplete your fat stores.

A study of the breakfast habits of two groups of individuals showed that the group that ate a breakfast rich in protein consumed 30% fewer calories that day than the group that ate a breakfast rich in carbohydrates. After breakfast, neither group was given any restrictions on further food choices. This suggests that you will have less of an appetite throughout the day having consumed protein in the morning. When combined with hCG diet plans, the appetite suppressive effect of protein can be of great benefit to reaching you weight loss goals.

Protein as a food substance does not tend to raise blood insulin levels. Sugars tend to do this, and insulin among other things is a fat storage hormone. One of our goals is to keep blood sugar levels (and therefore insulin levels) as close to normal as possible. Protein in the meal accomplishes this.

When your body uses up all the calories from the food you have consumed before your daily caloric needs are met, it will look to its reserves to make up the caloric deficit. In a perfect world your body would pull all the extra calories it needs from fat stores, but that is just not the way it works. Your body will look to lean muscle tissue as well as fat to satisfy its daily caloric requirements. Adding protein to your diet has been shown to encourage the body to pull more of the calories it needs from fat rather than lean muscle tissue, pharmaceutical hCG added to the mix can enhance that effect as well.

One side effect to be aware of in all calorie restricted diets is constipation that comes from the decreased bulk of the diet. A simple cure for this is to take additional fiber as a supplement capsule or powder. If you use a powder just make certain that it is unsweetened or has no sugar. It will keep you regular and the side effect of many fiber supplements is that you will feel fuller.

In conclusion, when following a low calorie diet, it is recommended to incorporate both high levels of protein and pharmaceutical hCG to assist with optimal fat burning and appetite suppression in order to reach your weight loss goals. This concept should be followed when on any of the hCG diet plans.

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