Friday, October 23, 2009

Lemonade Diet For Weight Loss

The lemonade diet aims to assist the body in detoxification and get rid of harmful toxins caused by poor hygiene. This diet is as well referred to as the maple syrup diet or the master cleanse. The liquid portion is intended only for the cleansing process, but will also result in weight loss within days. The diet consists of a mixture of lemonade with natural ingredients that assists in developing the dieters’ health and makes the weight loss process faster.
This weight loss plan is a type of crash diet that may lead to immediate results. Since the dieter is attempting to lose weight, one needs to follow the program strictly. A recipe for the lemonade mixture would include simple ingredients such as lemon juice, distilled water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. These natural ingredients are identified for their detoxifying properties. Cayenne pepper is good for increasing bowel movements, while the maple syrup is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium.
The intestines, in particular the colon, are an organ in the body which benefits most from this program of detoxification. The mixture effectively washes out the toxins from the body. The digestive system is also cleansed which indicates a good amalgamation of nutrients for the body. The intake of the mixture can also clean the urinary tract and kidneys. A lot of users of this system have witnessed the effects of detoxification as well as feeling revitalized after the diet process.
The liquid mixture is prepared by mixing fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of maple syrup in a glass of water. Add a dash of cayenne pepper to taste. It is recommended that his diet be carried out for a period of ten to fourteen days. Other foods such as dietary supplements and solid foods are strictly not allowed during the initial stages. Since the program is low in fiber, the laxatives can be administered to avoid constipation. When the dieter is hungry, it is suggested to drink a glass of the lemonade mixture instead of consuming solid foods.
At the completion of the regime, slowly resume the consumption of solid foods. Now that you have cleansed your system, keep up the healthy momentum by consuming clean foods and avoiding processed foods and sugar as much as possible. This will help you to keep any weight you have shed off as well as maintaining a clean environment in your system.
Focus on leafy greens and whole foods. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables should be the focus of your diet. Try to consume at least 50% of your vegetables in raw form each day – by doing so you will be preserving the nutrient content in your food which is so valuable for your body.
One of the intricacies noted about the lemonade diet is that only a small number of dieters can carry out the plan for a full two weeks. For this reason, a lot of them fall short of attaining the full outcome. The diet is basically low in calories, which causes a person to shed unwanted pounds. Loss of water may also be a reason why a dieter drops off pounds which is the reason why the diet only is limited to a few days.
However, there are some dieters who exceed the number of days required to achieve maximum detoxification results. It is important not to adhere to the lemonade diet for longer than the suggested amount of time. Exceeding two weeks on the plan may lead to adverse results, so it is imperative that you check with your health n

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