Friday, October 23, 2009

What are the Key Features of the Jack LaLanne Juicer Machines

Undoubtedly you have seen the power juicer infomercials at some time or another. Starring Jack LaLanne himself, the infomercials have been aired religiously for the past ten years in a very successful marketing campaign that has helped the power juicer machines to become the most widely sold of all juicers. Of course, there must be more to a juicer that has sold consistently well for a decade than just marketing. The truth is that the Jack LaLanne juicer machines are actually a great juicer at a great price. So lets take a look at some of its best selling features.
1) The large feeding chute. Although many other juicing machine brands have now followed in the footsteps of the power juicer and have designed juicers with large feeding chutes too, the power juicers were the first to deliver a 3″ wide feeding chute. Even today, no company has created a juicer that has a feed chute that exceeds 3″ they have only matched it.
So whats so great about a 3″ feed chute? It saves you a lot of time. Prepping your fruit and vegetables for juicing is one of the more time consuming parts of the juicing process. Produce needs to be washed well, and then for many juicer machines, you will need to cut up the fruits and vegetables into many small chunks to fit in the feed chute. Needless to say this can get messy as well as timely. The great thing with the 3″ chute of the power juicer models is that you can fit a variety of fruits and vegetables in whole, no need for even one cut before hand. Small apples, kiwi fruits, tangerines, strawberries and even carrots can fit right in. Larger fruits and vegetables will need some halving or quartering (or more in the case of pineapples and melons) but not to the extent that would be required by some other brands of juicing machines.
2) A “whisper quiet” operation. The power juicer infomercial and the official power juicer website strongly emphasis and market the power juicer models as being “whisper quiet”. Personally I think they are over marketing that claim but the power juicers do run at an impressively low volume all the same. I just wouldn’t go as far as to say they are “whisper quiet”. I have found that there is no other juicing machine that runs this quietly but the power juicer is not so subtle that it actual operates at a “whisper”. All the same, you wont find a quieter juicer, so this is definitely a plus for the power juicer machines.
3) Ease of use. The powerful and impressive motor rotates at an amazing 3600 RPM. If you combine this effective motor with the surgical quality stainless steel blade that it operates than you have a winning combo that shreds up fruits and veggies with ease. Most fruits just go through the machine like they don’t even exist and they don’t even come close to slowing down the motor in anyway. Harder based vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and beets require just a little more effort but are still shredded with relative ease. You can even put several carrots in at a time and the motor handles them very well. Tristar, the company behind the power juicer models are so confident of their motor that every power juicer comes with a warranty that insures the motor for one year.
4) Make your own milk. The Jack LaLanne juicer elite is the most expensive of the power juicer models (and it is still only $150) and offers a unique feature that you don’t get with the other models – soy technology. So what exactly is soy technology? Soy technology means that the power juicer elite is built with the ability to handle juicing soy beans and even nuts to squeeze out their juice to make vegetarian based milks, like soy milk and almond milk.

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