Friday, October 23, 2009

Weight Loss Tips for Men

People who are obese have a higher probability of developing health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes. However, many of these can be easily avoided through exercise and a healthy diet. Read on to learn more about our weight loss tips.
Another thing that poses health risks is the extra bulge in the stomach or beer belly, which is common in men who have an apple shape. This makes them more prone to diabetes and heart disease than women who have a pear shape. But compared to the weight on the thighs and hips, abdominal fats are more metabolically active since it can quickly enter your bloodstream and increase your blood sugars and cholesterol levels.
On a more positive note, abdominal fats are easier to shed. When a man decides to be more active and eat less, his efforts will be compensated faster than women who do the same.
What should be your target weight?
You can use either of the two weight measures to set a weight goal:
1. Waist Circumference
Measure the largest part of your waist using a tape measure. The waist girth for men with Asian descent should ideally be under 38 inches (95 cm) or 40 inches (102 cm).
2. Body Mass Index (BMI)
Measure your height and weight in meters and kilograms, respectively. Then divide your weight by the square of the height. For men who are over 18, the BMI should ideally be lower than 25.
Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Men
Never rely on weight loss supplements and fads. The basic are much more effective in helping you lose weight surely and steadily.
1. Cut your alcohol intake by half. Alcohol contributes a lot of kilojoules (calories), causing that huge bulge on your belly. If you’re drinking red wine, limit it to 1 to 2 glasses a night. Stick to low-carb or light beers, with water or soda in between.
2. Lower your food portions. For instance, limit your chicken or meat portions to 200g and your fish portions to 300g. Seconds are a no-no.
3. Cut down on carbs like pasta, rice and potato, and put more salads or vegetables on your plate. A cup of rice or pasta, or a large serving of baked or boiled potato would be enough for men. Easy-to-cook veggies for men include mushrooms, corn cobs, broccoli, tomatoes (improves prostate health), onions (great companions to barbecued steak), and peas (fresh or frozen are equally nutritious).
4. Avoid fast food which usually comes in big sizes and contains tons of artery-clogging fats. Go for healthier alternatives like plain burgers, filled rolls like Subway, sushi rolls, Asian stir-fried with vegetables, and BBQ chicken. But the healthiness of these foods really depends on the outlet. You should also avoid chips.
5. Have wholegrain bread instead of white bread, and oats or high-fiber flakes instead of frosted ones. These have lesser kilojoules but they can make you full just the same.
6. Buy high-fiber soups, breakfast cereals, vegetable sticks, and cracker biscuits instead of eating the regular options.
7. Buy fruits that you can snack on while on the go and do not require peeling like grapes, blueberries, and cherries. You can also dice 4 to 5 fruits and make fruit salad which you can pack for work or eat for snack.
8. Skip entrees if you are eating out, and order steak and fish for your main dish. Ask for salad or vegetables to go with your food. Avoid gravy and creamy sauces. It’s okay not to finish your food if you’ve had enough.
9. Always eat breakfast. A serving of wholegrain cereals with milk for breakfast has lesser kilojoules compared to a Danish or pizza that you eat later.
10. Be physically active. Walk your dog or stroll with a buddy twice a week. You can also swim laps or work out in the gym. A good tip is to write down your activists so you always remember to do them. Aim for 30-minute brisk exercises every day.

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