Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Diet Killers That Should be Avoided at All Costs

If you have ever attempted a diet and failed, you’re not alone. Most people looking for weight loss help never reach their ultimate fitness goals. Sure, you or someone you know may have attempted a diet and maybe you lost weight, but for the majority of people the weight almost always comes back. It can either creep up slowly, or it can be packed on in a couple of weeks or months if you’re not careful. Why does this happen? Why is it so difficult to lose weight now and keep it off? The reason is because most people succumb to three diet killers that can wreak havoc on any dieter’s success. These killers are all around us and most people never even realize they’ve been affected until the weight comes back. You’re about to learn what those killers are and how to avoid them.
A Roller Coaster of a Different Sort
When you go on a roller coaster, you go up, down, sideways, and sometimes you do loops. It’s unpredictable, quick, and it can really shake you up if you’re not careful. Dieting has its own roller coaster, only this ride exists in your head. Of course this is referring to the emotional roller coaster that happens every time you go on a diet. In order to succeed with any diet, and keep the weight off for good, you must get a handle on your emotions. Not doing so means you’re doomed for failure.
You never hear emotions discussed when you buy a diet and fitness e-book, course or DVD. The weight loss information that usually comes with those products focuses primarily on diet, exercise or both. And while those two things are very important, emotions are very closely related to how well we do when we’re trying to change our lifestyles to a healthier one. The more your emotions are out of control, the worse you’ll do on your diet.
When you diet, you often experience a lull in blood sugar, and this can cause moodiness and irritability. Dieting can also lead to one feeling depressed and/or anxious. These emotions, combined with an empty stomach, can cause you to binge eat. This will thwart any fitness goal and it can even send you back to square one, no matter how many weight loss tips you employ.
Only by controlling your emotions and coming up with ways to keep yourself from bingeing whenever you feel depressed/anxious/upset/sad can you hope to lose the weight and keep it off for good.
Wining and Dining
Some doctors advocate drinking wine to help with heart health. One or two glasses per day are actually healthy, they say. Some fitness experts even say you can drink wine while dieting. Some diets, like Atkins, even let you have clear alcohol, and there are even some diets that allow beer. But what the experts don’t tell you is that alcohol is the second biggest diet killer out there; it’s just that nobody wants to admit to admit it.
When people hear that they can’t have their alcohol, they get upset. Now, that’s not to say that you can never drink again. What it means is that if you really want to reach your fitness goals, you should abstain from alcohol as much as possible. Yet some people seem unable to do this.
This really goes back to the first of the diet killers: your emotions. Lots of people drink because they can’t control their emotions. They feel sad or anxious so they have a drink to calm down. They feel nervous in social situations so they drink to loosen up. Yet alcohol is the worst thing you can put in your body if you’re trying achieve safe weight loss.
Besides the fact that your body will work on burning off any alcohol in your body before it will even touch your fat stores, alcohol makes you hungrier! Alcohol numbs your stomach and thus you feel as if you’re starving. This is why people leaving the bars at two in the morning rush to the fast food windows that are open late.
If you hope to achieve weight loss success, either cut out drinking altogether or keep it extremely moderated. That little piece of weight loss information could mean the difference between success and failure.
The Definition of Insanity
Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The same goes for dieting. If you go on a ‘diet’ and lose the weight but then go back to your old lifestyle, you’re only going to gain that weight right back. After all, your old lifestyle is likely what brought that weight on in the first place.
Only by changing your lifestyle can you hope to lose weight and keep it off for good. That means adopting a healthier image. It means cleaning out your fridge and pantry of all junk and comfort foods. It means getting a gym membership, buying a bicycle, rollerblades, or anything else that ensures you’ll get some regular exercise. And it also means doing your homework to find any weight loss solutions that will help you along on your journey to a new healthier you.
When you change how you live, your outlook on life will begin to change as well. Eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and reaching your goals can have wonderful effects on your overall well-being and attitude.
The good news is that changing your lifestyle isn’t difficult. You don’t have to change everything at once, either. You can make small changes over time until you’ve made the transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one. Just use these and other weight loss tips, keep your head up, keep trying, and never take your eyes off of your goals and you’ll reach them in no time.
These three diet killers are often ignored by major health and fitness experts, but they must be focused on and avoided if you ever hope to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

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