Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Ideas for Losing Weight for Teens

The major side of losing some of that extra weight tends to be taken up by mature adults in the main. But there are also a proportion of teens that are overweight and could use some ideas on how to reduce their weight safely. For that reason, it can be taken as a separate issue from the larger generic view we place on the many ways that there are to lose some weight.
While the physical side of making use of the mainstream weight loss tips for teens is pretty equal amongst people, it has to be realized that we do have differences when it comes to physical health and what works for one may not work so well for another. So rather than work on specifics, it is often better to look at the more general ideas that can then be taken away and tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. So the main tips that will work for the most people can be looked at and they fall into three main groups, which are:
Getting a Healthy Diet
This is a major part of keeping your weight down and promoting good health which is important at any age. Eating the right things is important and these can include things like eating plenty of fresh fruits, including fresh vegetables with meals, ensuring you get sufficient dietary fiber, drinking plenty of fresh water.
It also means avoiding certain things in your diet like cakes, cookies, pies, pizza, hamburgers, fries, potato chips and similar savory snacks, most processed foods, candy bars and drinking soda. These are just a few examples because the list of foods you really ought to avoid is pretty long. Unfortunately it is also the exact same list of foods you like to eat!
The trick here is not to ban all foods but to be selective. Make the majority of your diet healthy but add in some rewards here and there and when you do eat them, really take your time and enjoy them so that they satisfy you much more without having to eat too much of them.
Getting Some Daily Exercise
One of the biggest threats to health amongst teens these days is lack of exercise combined with a bad diet. If you can improve the diet, you should also look to including at least some exercise in your daily life. If you are feeling lethargic and lacking in energy, it is probably because your diet is full of sugary foods and high in carbs like bread, cakes and cookies that rob you of energy. But also, lack of exercise strips you of energy and one way to get it back is to get the exercise that your body needs to be healthy. It may sound back to front, but in order to get your energy back so you can exercise, you need to exercise to get your energy!
That takes some feat of motivation, but you can do it and once you start doing it, you’ll want to do more. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, or running early in the morning. It can take the form of any activity that gets you building up a sweat and raising your heart and breathing rate. Skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, swimming, playing team sports such as volleyball, soccer etc all count as exercise. So if you didn’t know you could, you can!
Staying Focused and Positive
To make the most of the above two tips, you need to be focused on a goal. That goal can be the reduction in your body weight and you choose what that figure will be. Then be positive about it and you will achieve it because you want it badly enough. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, you need to start by wanting it. Once you want something badly enough, you will find the motivation to do what is necessary to achieve it. It works and it works for everyone!

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