Sunday, June 6, 2010

Breast Engorgement

Breast engorgement is a medical condition which troubles nursing females. A lot of new mothers who breastfeed their babies suffer from this problem. Though, this problem indicates that there is enough milk in the body of a woman, it may also bring several kinds of discomforting problems with it. In this medical condition, the breasts of a woman swell up and start paining. It makes breastfeeding difficult for them. Due to this, they may decide to stop breastfeeding their babies on a permanent basis. This problem usually occurs in women after they give birth to a child.

In order to spot this problem in women certain signs and symptoms related to it should be known. Women who suffer from some degree of breast engorgement may have an increase of 1 or 2 degrees in the temperature of their bodies, on the third or fourth postpartum day. Experience of tenderness and pain in one or both breasts are some other symptoms of this condition. Flushed or edematous nipples may also indicate breast engorgement. Not feeling well and experiencing loss of hunger, nausea and fatigue may signify this condition.

In order to treat this problem women are advised to wear nursing bras. Nursing bras do not have wires and they hold the breast in a firm manner. Milk which gets stuck in the breasts may be removed through breast pump technique or manually. Pain killers are given for offering relief from the pain to the patients. Women are advised to continue breastfeeding for emptying the breasts from accumulated milk. Proper care of hygiene should be taken for the prevention of abscess formation on breasts. The causes for breast engorgement include the arrival of milk in the breasts for first time after giving birth to a baby and stoppage of breast feeding in a sudden manner. Severe cases of breast engorgement may be caused by not starting breastfeeding process for a long time after birthing a child, not feeding milk to the child through breast often and less consumption of milk by babies.

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