Sunday, June 6, 2010

Breast Reduction Surgery

There may be many women who are not happy with the large size of their breasts. Women who have very large breasts may find it uncomfortable to walk, run and wear a few types of clothes. Those women who want to get the size of their breasts reduced have the option of breast reduction surgery. Women who are not happy with the sagging of their large breasts may get their breast reduced. Women who have breasts which are larger in proportion of other parts of their body like neck and shoulders; may suffer from pain in different parts of their body. Heavy mass of breasts may be the main cause of such pain.

Women with large breasts may also suffer from the problems like constant irritation in the skin which usually stay beneath breasts. There are different methods of performing breast reduction surgery. Commonest methods of breast reduction surgeries include different incisions. At first, surgeons make an incision around and above aerola. After this incisions are made beneath and to the sides of aerola. Incision is also made along the crease line which lies below the breast. It is done so that the fatty tissue and skin can be removed easily from the breasts. After this the size of aerola is reduced and it is placed with the nipples to an elevated position. This procedure does not have any effect on tissues which are connected underneath. In the end, surgeons close skin present at lower breast and suturing is done below aerola. This gives the new shape to the breasts.

It takes some time for the breasts to get in to a natural shape after breast reduction surgery is done. After getting breast reduction surgery done, women get free from discomfort they used to feel when they had large breasts. After such surgery, women will find that they can wear a variety of clothes and look good in them. Such a surgery of the breast also enables women to take part in several kinds of sports activities. One should also know that some complications may also occur after such a surgery. Therefore, women should discuss this with their doctors in detail.

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