Sunday, June 6, 2010

Symptoms of Vaginal Infection

Numerous women are troubled by different kinds of vaginal infections and they visit their gynecologist for getting rid of them. You might be someone who is not aware about the meaning of vaginal infections. It refers to any kind of infection in vagina which is caused by yeast, bacteria and protozoal organisms. Many women are troubled by infection of vagina again and again. Lactobacillus is a bacteria which stay in large number in vagina. It is good bacteria and it helps in fighting against bad bacteria. The main cause of vaginal infection is an imbalance between the number of good and bad bacteria in vagina.

The symptoms of vaginal infection differ according to the type of infection which occurs to women. Yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginalis are some of the vaginal infections which trouble a lot of women. Women who have yeast infection in vagina suffer from itching in vagina and they also experience general discomfort. Generally women, who suffer from yeast infection, complain of discharging a white substance which appears like cottage cheese. Those women who have trichomonas vaginalis experience symptoms like discharge of a yellow green frothy substance from their vagina.

Women who are troubled by bacterial vaginosis mainly troubles sexually active women. It may also trouble virgin girls. Symptoms of this infection include discharge of whitist creamish substance from the vagina after having sex. If we talk about the general symptoms of vaginal infection then we should mention that women who suffer from such infection may experience different kinds of symptoms in different degrees. It may cause less or more discharge of odorous or non odorous substance from the vagina. Most of the women feel a lot of irritation inside vagina when they have vaginal infection. Pain in varying degrees is one of the common symptoms of vaginal infection. The level of pain may differ from woman to woman. Symptoms of such infection help doctors to determine the type of infection. Laboratory tests may also be required for knowing the exact type of vaginal infection.

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