Sunday, June 6, 2010


In this article, we will surely be telling you about bromocriptine but first we need to know about prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone which is responsible for the production of milk in the body of those women who need to nurse their children. There might be a few conditions in which body begins to manufacture prolactin in larger amounts. This may cause several health problems. A woman may get infertile due to excessive production of prolactin the body. Due to excess production of prolactin in the body, the production of LH and FSH is inhibited. This may lead to prevention of ovulation process. For those women who do not breastfeed and not pregnant some treatment is required for making them ovulate normally.

Bromocriptine is a drug which is prescribed to the patients for the prevention of high levels of prolactin in their bodies. These pills are also known as fertility pills. They come in the form of pills of 2.5 mg each. They are required to be taken every day by women who have excess prolactin in their bodies. Different women may require different dosage of bromocriptine oral medication. How much bromocriptine should be taken by a woman is decided by a doctor while keeping various factors in mind. One should also understand that these pills take time to affect the body. You should not expect fast kind of results from these pills. It may take several months for bromocriptine to bring ovulation back to normal.

Around ninety percent of the women who take bromocriptine are benefited by it. They start ovulating again after consuming bromocriptine for a few months. Stomach upset and dizziness are two most common side effects which may be caused by bromocriptine. Because of these side effects, doctors advise woman to begin its intake with half a pill of bromocriptine every day. After some time they can start taking a 2.5 mg pill of bromocriptine in one go. If women consume bromocriptine with their food, then its side effects may get reduced. Headaches, diarrhea and tiredness are some other side effects of bromocriptine.

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