Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vulvodynia – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Vulvodynia is a kind of pain which troubles the women in vulvar regions. The vulvar parts include clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, bartolin’s glands and entrance to vagina. Sometime back, this problem was not seen as a pain syndrome. There may be a large number of women who hesitate to mention this kind of condition to their doctors. Generalized vulvodynia and vestibule vulvodynia are two chief types of vulvodynia.

If we talk about the causes of this condition then we need to mention that researchers and doctors are yet unclear about the accurate causes of this problem. Some people may believe that vulvodynia is related with sexually transmitted disease but there are no reports to prove it. Hypersensitivity to yeast cells, some kind of allergy to certain chemicals, sexual abuse history, using antibiotics frequently; might be a few causes of vulvodynia. Nerve injuries, muscle spasm, changes in hormones and some genetic factors are also doubted as the causes of this condition. However nothing is yet clear about the exact causes of this condition.

In most of the cases the symptoms of vulvodynia appear out of a sudden in the patients. Rawness, burning, stinging, pain, tenderness and soreness are some of the common symptoms which are experienced by women who suffer from this condition. Itching may also trouble the patients of vulvodynia. Burning pain is experienced by a lot of women who suffer from this problem. This pain is like the one which is experienced when an acid is put on the skin. Symptoms of this condition trouble different women in varying degrees and ways. Some women may suffer from all the symptoms for all the time while others may experience them after long breaks.

There are different medications which work for different women suffering with vulvodynia. Estrogen creams, local anesthetics like lidocaine, interferon injections, nerve blocks and tricyclic antidepressants are some of the drugs used for treating this problem. In some cases where women suffer from vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, a surgery may be advised for the patients. The tissue which causes pain is removed in this surgical procedure.

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