Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tonsillitis – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

You may have heard about tonsillitis a lot of times. It is a very common problem which troubles a lot of people. In order to understand different aspects of this condition we first need to understand its meaning. When tonsils of a person experience inflammation due to some infection, it is called tonsillitis. When an individual suffer from this condition then his/her tonsils get large, reddish and a substance of gray, white or yellow color may be seen on them. It is seen as a part of throat infection, which is called pharyngitis. People, who suffer from it, experience sudden sore throat and pain while swallowing anything.

Viral or bacterial infections are the most common cause of tonsillitis. Recurrence of throat infections within a short period of time also leads to this condition. Intake of acrid, spices, pungent, condiments and astringent foods in excessive quantity is also responsible for this problem. Untreated cough is also one of the main causes of tonsillitis. When people speak at a very high pitch again and again then they may get this problem. Normally, people speak aloud when there is noise in the surroundings and when they are angry. Blockage in nose, chronic congestion and chewing a lot of bubble gums, sweet candies and tartaric acid may also cause tonsillitis.

Experiencing pain while gulping any liquid or food, occurrence of fever, enlargement and reddishness in tonsils, change in rhythm of breathing process, sore throat, congestion in nose and headaches are some of the common symptoms of tonsillitis. In some people, tonsillitis may also cause discharge of purulent fluid from the tonsils. Before a doctor decides the medical treatment which should be given to a person having tonsillitis, he needs to know whether the infection is caused by bacteria or virus. Antibiotics are given when it is caused by strep bacteria. In those cases, where this condition is caused by virus, the body fights them itself. In a few days, the patient will get free from this condition without taking any treatment. One should rinse his mouth with warm water having some salt in it.

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