Sunday, June 6, 2010

Breast Lumps – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

The formation of hard lumps is a problem which troubles a large number of women. In some cases, breast lumps disappear themselves and no medication is required. There are various causes of breast lumps. While some of them are not dangerous at all, there are a few causes which are really dangerous. Injuries, infections, growth (non cancerous) and cancer are some of the main causes behind the formation of breast lumps. One should not ignore a breast lump and get immediate assistance from doctor. It may be pointing towards breast cancer. However, most of the breast lumps are harmless.

Mastittis is the name used for all kinds of infections which occur in breasts. Women who breastfeed their babies are more prone to mastitis. Those women who breastfeed their babies may have milk clogged ducts in their breasts. Some kinds of treatments may prevent conversion of hard substances in breasts in to infection. Women should avoid body piercing in area surrounding nipples. This increases the risk of infection in the breasts. Symptoms of breast lumps include presence of breast lumps which can be felt by hands, discharge from nipples, and inflammation over breast skin, Non cancerous growths in breast may cause discharge from the nipples even when they are not touched.

In most of the women who have breast cancer, there is no pain in the breasts. A lot of women worry that if they have pain in their breasts then they might have breast cancer. However, this is rare. Different kinds of treatments are given to those women who have breast lumps. Treatments differ from cases to case. Antibiotics and warm compresses are given to those breastfeeding women who have mastitis. Bathing with hot water also helps a lot in getting rid of breast lumps. Heat treatment can also be given to women who suffer from breast lumps. While having heat treatment, women should also massage the area where they feel breast lumps. If breast lumps is due to an abscess in the breast then doctors drain it out by themselves.

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